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Best Ice Cream Spots in the Columbia Metro

Best Ice Cream Spots in the Columbia Metro

Indulging in a scoop of ice-cold bliss on a sweltering day is an unmatched pleasure. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic flavors or an adventurer seeking unique concoctions, the Columbia Metro area has a treat in store for you. Join us on a delightful journey as we uncover the hidden gems and well-loved favorites among the best ice cream spots in the Columbia Metro. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embark on a frozen escapade like no other!

Sweet Cream is a charming little shop on Main Street just a few steps away from the Nickelodeon. Small-batch, hand-crafted, rich and creamy, Sweet Cream Co. offers unique flavors like Cherry Coke, Earl Gray, Lemon Poppyseed, and Whiskey Pecan. They also have a variety of delicious sorbet flavors including honey lemon ginger and strawberry basil (with local strawberries from Cottle Farms!) to name a few. Visit their website and discover all the wonderful partners who provide the ingredients that make Sweet Cream so sweet. 

Sweet Cream Co. sells pints of ice cream as well! So you can take your favorite flavors home with you.

The Baked Bear

Baked Bear is situated within the Five Points area, this intriguing ice cream parlor offers you the chance to craft your own ice cream sandwich straight out of a dream.

There’s a diverse selection of cookie flavors and brownies to choose from (or you can even opt for one of each!) before selecting your preferred ice cream flavor. Additionally, there are an array of toppings available if you choose to introduce an extra touch of flavor. All components are then expertly assembled into a generously sized, delightful sandwich. They’re even willing to heat up the cookies for you.

Is anyone else’s mouth watering at this point? For those not inclined towards an ice cream sandwich, fret not, as they also offer cones and brownie bowls. A visit to The Baked Bear is always a delectable choice!

Sweet Pea’s Ice Cream and Cafe

Sweet Pea’s is a charming little spot nestled in downtown Blythewood that serves up some tasty treats. They proudly offer Hershey’s ice cream and have a range of really fun flavors that your children will adore, like the Crazy Cookie Dough flavor (colorful cookie dough ice cream!). You’ll also come across playful ice cream creations such as ice cream nachos and the Awful Waffle Taco (made with ice cream).

Sweet Pea’s also sells pints of Epworth ice cream, which was born in Columbia (all proceeds from these pints go towards supporting the Epworth Children’s Home. Beyond serving up scrumptious ice cream, Sweet Pea’s provides a selection of café-style foods like sandwiches, wraps, hot dogs, and soft pretzels.

Manny’s Shaved Ice

Manny’s, even though they do have ice cream, their specialty is really shaved ice. However, shaved ice is also a delightful treat for the summer!

Situated in a small plaza on Augusta Road in West Columbia, Manny’s Shaved Ice presents a selection of 60 different shaved ice flavors. These flavors range from Classic/Natural types (like Mojito, Blue Bubble Gum, and Cotton Candy) to Mixed varieties (such as Mango Strawberry, Pina Cherry, Santa Claus, Peach Strawberry, and more) to Creamy options (like Peach ‘n Cream, Tamarind Coconut, Cafe Caramel, and Chocolate) and even Spicy ones (including Mango Diablo, Chamoyada Pina, Tamarind Diablo, etc.).

Manny’s also provides Frappes and Milkshakes (more ice cream, anyone?), alongside an assortment of traditional Hispanic snacks and treats (like Flavored corn, Corn bowls, and Mexican Wagon Wheels). Experience the delightful taste of fresh Mexican fruit sprinkled with Tajin for that extra kick! An incredible bonus of this spot is that it’s incredibly affordable. Shaved ice prices begin at just $2 and go up to only $4. Manny’s is a place you absolutely need to explore!


If you’re not into Ice Cream, the frozen yogurt chain Menchie’s offers you a chance to enjoy fun and exciting limited time frozen yogurt flavors in store every month. This way, there’s always something fresh to taste. The frozen yogurt flavors are created using real California milk, and you can tell by the seal of Real California Milk, which guarantees that they’re crafted solely from sustainably sourced milk. Menchie’s also serves up tasty 100% plant-based (vegan) frozen yogurt options. These include flavors like Dark Chocolate Mousse made with Almond Milk, Cookie Sandwich made with Almond Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut made with Cashew Milk, and Mint Chocolate Chip made with Almond Butter, as well as Mixed Berry made with Oat Milk, among others.


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