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Donna Garrick

Hello! My name is Donna Garrick with Nation Realty. Welcome to Columbia Metro Life – a place for you to stay informed about what is going on in the Columbia SC Metro, things like the best restaurants, shopping, real estate, outdoor activities, and fun events! So that you Never Miss a Thing in the Columbia Metro!

Donna Garrick

I’m a Realtor® with a passion for finding new Columbia Metro places to explore.

In the Columbia Metro, you can find just about any lifestyle here, from exciting city living to peaceful country living – sometimes within the same town. Many of our towns are growing quickly and as we welcome these new residents, we are experiencing some of the growing pains that come with this growth – such as road construction and traffic – we all know what it’s like to try to get home on a Friday afternoon in the summer!

We are also enjoying many of the benefits, with new restaurants and businesses opening all the time.

Right now we are experiencing the same issues as the rest of the country, a low inventory of real estate. If you have thought about buying or selling a home in the Columbia SC Metro, it’s important to work with someone that lives and works in the community and understands the ins and outs of moving in this area.

Working with an experienced Columbia Metro Real Estate Agent will ensure that you make the most money when selling, and don’t overspend when purchasing, even in today’s sellers market. I’ve lived in Columbia SC all my life, and I’ve sold real estate all over the Columbia Metro since 2010.

I started the website because I truly love living in this area and it’s my goal to help support other local small businesses in the Columbia Metro. If you have questions about real estate in the Columbia Metro, comment below or feel free to message me. I’m here to help!

I want to be your resource for Columbia Metro Real Estate!

Donna Garrick || Nation Realty
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Call or text me at (803) 921-9778, email me at [email protected]

I’m passionate about serving the Columbia Metro community, and look forward to connecting with you!


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