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Peek into the future of home decorating. Discover what hues are most popular for home interiors this year with the 2023 paint color trends from all of the major paint companies. Let’s dive into What’s Hott!

Tread # 1: vibrant red

It is a bright and vibrant color that was selected by three of the paint companies as their color of the year.

Benjamin Moore chose “Raspberry Blush” as their color of the year.

It’s a bright orange red that they describe as “never a backdrop” and “built to envelop you in vivacious color”.  Which it certainly does!

Pantone chose “Viva Magenta” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a vibrant red with a little blue in it that they describe as “brave and fearless” and “expressive of a new signal of strength”.

While it’s not directly available in a paint color, Benjamin Moore’s “Blushing Red”, Behr’s “Cherry Wine” and Sherwin Williams “Cherries Jubilee” are all close matches to consider.

Dunn Edwards chose “Terra Rosa” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a deep rose color with a touch of terra cotta influence that isn’t as bright as the other two.

They describe it as being “strong yet approachable” and exuding “confidence, creativity and coziness”.

There are a couple of other bright reds available in this year’s trending colors in case you want some alternate selections.

Treading Red Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Benjamin Moore COTY – Raspberry Blush | 2. PPG – Briquette | 3. Pantone COTY – Viva Magenta | 4. Dunn Edwards COTY – Terra Rosa | 5. PPG – Heart’s Afire

Tread # 2: Terra Cotta

This is a bold red-orange color with brown undertones that also comes from the warm side of the color wheel.

While only one paint company chose it as their color of the year, it showed up on almost every one’s trend list. Making this one of the most popular colors this year.

Better Homes and Gardens chose “Canyon Ridge” as their 2023 paint color of the year.

According to them, it is inspired by sunsets over the desert and the red rock spires of Zion National Park.

Trending Terra Cottas Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Benjamin Moore – Conch Shell | 2. Better Homes & Gardens COTY – Canyon Ridge | 3. Sherwin Williams – Lei Flower | 4. Sherwin Williams – Peppery | 5. Benjamin Moore – Cinnamon | 6. Farrow & Ball – Bamboozle | 7. Valspar – Southern Road | 8. Sherwin Williams – Reddened Earth | 9. Behr – Vermilion

Tread # 3: Natural Greens

These colors are calming and relaxing, and are intended to bring the feeling of nature indoors.

Like the terra cotta colors, only one company selected this as the color of the year, but most had a version of it in their trending list.

Krylon chose “Spanish Moss” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a rich midnight green that they describe as a sophisticated color which is connected with the “richness of nature”.

Treading Green Paint Colors 2023:

  1. Farrow & Ball – Whirlybird | 2. Sherwin Williams – Silvermist | 3. Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog | 4. Farrow & Ball – Beverly | 5. Sherwin Williams – Kale Green | 6. Krylon COTY – Spanish Moss | 7. Behr – Conifer Green | 8. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Pewter Green | 9. Valspar – Flora

Tread # 4: Green Blue

Green blue (or teal) has been trending for quite a few years now, although (like the greens above) most of this year’s selections are on the darker side.

PPG chose “Vining Ivy” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a medium-dark green-blue that they describe as “enchanting, rejuvenating and versatile” and is intended to bring the outdoors in.

Trending Green Blues Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Valspar – Rising Tide | 2. Valspar – Blue Arrow | 3. Behr – Half Sea Fog | 4. PPG COTY – Vining Ivy | 5. Benjamin Moore – North Sea Green | 6. Sherwin Williams – Blue Peacock | 7. Behr – Sophisticated Teal | 8. Valspar – Everglade Deck

Tread # 5: Water Blue

Water blue has a soothing feel and works well with most other colors, making it more of a neutral than you might think.

While none of the companies chose this as color of the year, most of them had at least one on their 2023 trends list.

Trending Water Blues Paint Color for 2023:

  1. Farrow & Ball – Kittiwake | 2. Farrow & Ball – Selvedge | 3. Farrow & Ball – Wine Dark | 4. Benjamin Moore – Starry Night | 5. Sherwin Williams – Indigo | 6. Sherwin Williams – Mineral Gray

Paint is one of the easiest, cheapest, and quickest ways to totally transform the look and feel of a space.

Don’t be afraid to throw on those old jeans, grab a brush, and go bold with on-trend colors this summer.


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