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Peek into the future of home decorating. Discover what hues are most popular for home interiors this year with the 2023 neutral paint color trends from all of the major paint companies. Let’s dive into What’s Hott!


Warm whites and creams had a much stronger showing on this year’s color lists than they have in recent years.

Trend # 1: white & cream

Many companies had at least one option on their list and Behr chose a white as its color of the year.

Behr chose “Blank Canvas” as its 2023 selection for color of the year.

It is a warm off-white that looks gorgeous with pretty much everything.

Trending White & Cream Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Sherwin Williams – Pure White | 2. Behr – Blank Canvas | 3. Valspar – Cozy White | 4. Sherwin Williams – Kestrel White | 5. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Natural Linen | 6. Farrow & Ball – Stirabout | 7. Behr – Spanish Sand | 8. Valspar – Holmes Cream

Trend # 2: beige

Beige is another big color trend for 2023. But in stronger tones than we’ve seen in the past.

Like most of the colors above, only one company picked this as their color of the year, but it was well-represented on the trends lists from everyone else.

Sherwin Williams chose “Redend Point” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a strong beige that they describe as “minimal yet cozy” and creating a “comforting backdrop”.

Trending Beige Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Farrow & Ball – Tailor Tack | 2. Sherwin Williams – Malted Milk | 3. Behr – Smokey Pink | 4. Farrow & Ball – Templeton Pink | 5. Sherwin Williams – Likeable Sand | 6. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Glamour | 7. Dutch Boy – Rustic Greige | 8. Sherwin Williams COTY – Redend Point | 9. Behr – Pure Earth

Trend # 3: greige

For those who want neutrals that are a little cooler, there are a few trending greiges on this year’s list.

Trending Greige Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Sherwin Williams – Pediment | 2. Valspar – Villa Gray | 3. Sherwin Williams – Skyline Steel | 4. Sherwin Williams – Shiitake | 5. Valspar – Ivory Brown | 6. Behr – Perfect Taupe

Trend # 4: light purple gray

Because of the purple undertones, they have a little more personality than plain gray would and also feel a little warmer.

Trending Purple Grays Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Valspar – Gentle Violet | 2. Benjamin Moore – New Age | 3. Sherwin Williams – Wallflower | 4. Sherwin Williams – Studio Mauve

There are only a few options for purple gray on the trending list, with three different paint companies offering such similar color choices. Maybe purple is the new gray?

Trend # 5: natural browns

It is a neutral that has been on the paint color trends list for a few years now.

While it is dark, it is a warm and cozy color that brings the feeling of nature indoors.

Trending Brown Paint Colors for 2023:

  1. Sherwin Williams – Foothills | 2. Sherwin Williams – Homestead Brown | 3. Sherwin Williams – Rookwood Medium Brown | 4. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Hot Cocoa | 5. Sherwin Williams – Cornelian | 6. Benjamin Moore – Wenge | 7. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Darkroom

Paint is one of the easiest, cheapest, and quickest ways to totally transform the look and feel of a space.

Don’t be afraid to throw on those old jeans, grab a brush, and go all in with a few on-trend colors this summer.


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