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5 Reasons you should NOT go to an open house

5 Reasons you should NOT go to an open house

For many people, going to an open house is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even if they are not looking to buy a house.  But if you are really looking to buy a house, open houses are NOT the best way for you to find the right house. 

Here are 5 reasons you should NOT go to an open house if you are serious about buying:

  1. The real estate agent holding the open house is representing the seller. Therefore, anything you disclose about your situation to the agent can be shared with the seller, and if you like the house, this may harm you during negotiations. If you have already hired an agent and go to an open house without them, the listing broker may refuse to pay your agent, potentially making you responsible for commission.   If you see a home you want to look at, call your agent first.


  2. You will waste a lot of time.  Looking at houses that may not fit your criteria, are out of your price range and may actually already be sold even though it is being held open. Hire an agent to represent you and only show you homes that are available and meet your criteria.


  3. You will miss the best deals. Using open houses as the basis of your home search will almost guarantee that you do not see the best deals out there. Typically the best houses sell before they even have a chance to hold an open house.  Your agent can send you property listings daily so you can schedule to see the best homes right away when they hit the market.


  4. You may not be ready to buy if you find the right house. Unless you are paying cash, if you are not pre-approved, you are not ready to buy. Your agent will make sure you are pre approved and they will educate you about the buying process from beginning to end, BEFORE you find your dream home.

  5. Showings with an agent are easier. Hiring an agent to help you find a house will ensure you see all of the available homes on the market. Your agent will set up a list of showings of homes that meet your criteria, he or she will point out the positives and negatives, and be ready to put in an offer and negotiate on your behalf as soon as you find the right house.


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